Screening hall geometry

Most screening halls are designed to be long and narrow in order to accommodate the largest possible number of viewers. In an IMAX cinema, the audience is located closer to the screen. This results in immersion experience because the screen stretches beyond the field of view limits. This is what makes you feel that you are directly in centre of the action on the screen instead of merely watching it from the side-lines.

Digital remastering

Another important characteristic feature is the digital remastering process and the projection system patented by IMAX. When you are closer to the screen, the image has to be much sharper than in an ordinary cinema. For that purpose, improved content to be played back by means of a special digital projector system is necessary. This is why the IMAX image is brighter and sharper.


A significant IMAX component is its patented acoustic system. You do not just watch an IMAX movie but can feel it with every cell of your body. The highest and lowest frequencies become vibration in addition to sound. The sound is influenced by the screening hall geometry, the angles and dimensions of the room where the viewer is and the quality of the sound source. Soundproofing has been improved, and speakers have been positioned more efficiently. All of the above allows the optimum listening environment to be created and, as the result, one can hear a fly buzzing in the screening hall and know exactly where it has landed.


The difference between IMAX 3D and standard 3D is as dramatic as between an IMAX movie and an ordinary movie. The IMAX 3D projector ensures the unparalleled brightness and sharpness of the 3D image. A film for an IMAX 3D cinema generally consists of two images simultaneously projected on a special silver-coated IMAX 3D screen. One image is meant for the right eye, and another, for the left eye of the viewer. IMAX 3D glasses separate the images so that your left eye and right eye see different pictures. Your brain combines the images to create splendid three-dimensional pictures that have depth which goes beyond the screen limits. And, finally, thanks to the IMAX cinema geometry you will get closer to the image.