Guardians of the Galaxy

Kosmos IMAX “Guardians of the Galaxy” loyalty program:

  1. In order to become a member of Kosmos IMAX loyalty program you should register on Kosmos IMAX website or in the box office indicating your name, surname, date of birth, email address and mobile phone number.
  2. Club membership, and the bonus account are based on ID card. Previously issued bonus cards are valid until the bonus account is connected to ID card.
  3. Completing the form approves that a member of the club is accepting the rules that apply to filling out a form. When the submitted information is incorrect or the applicant refuses to submit the required information, Kosmos IMAX has the right to deny the applicant participation in the loyalty program.
  4. By registering for the loyalty program the applicant receives a free Kosmos IMAX bonus card that is an element of the loyalty program and a tool that allows identifying the loyalty program member in ticket offices of the movie theatre.
  5. A single person may have only one Kosmos IMAX loyalty account.
  6. Kosmos IMAX loyalty program account shall not be issued to third parties for use.
  7. The loyalty program bonus account provides 5% discount from the price of the full ticket to Kosmos IMAX shows.
  8. At the time of purchase 3% of the sum of purchase is deposited to the bonus account as the bonus points.
  9. In calculating the sum to which bonus points are deposited, only payment in money (cash, payment card or bank transfer) is taken into account. No bonus points are deposited for use of bonus points.
  10. Deposit of bonus points is based on the formula 10 EUR = 30 bonus points. A single bonus point equals to one euro cent.
  11. Loyalty program members may review the accumulated bonus balance on the movie theatre’s website by logging in with their login and password or by turning to the ticket office of the movie theatre.
  12. Deposited bonuses may not be exchanged for money.
  13. Bonus points become invalid after 12 months of their deposit.
  14. Tickets purchased with a bonus points cannot be exchanged for money.
  15. Movie theatre’s employees have the right to ask the owner of the card to show his/her personal identity documents.
  16. A loyalty program member agrees to receive advertising information by email. A loyalty program member has the right to refuse receiving such advertising information by submitting a respective application.
  17. Kosmos IMAX retains the right to change, alter or stop the loyalty program at any time without approval of members.
  18. A loyalty program member has the right to suspend or cancel his/her member status by submitting the respective application by email.
  19. Kosmos IMAX does not issue personal details of customers to third parties, except where such obligation is set out in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  20. Kosmos IMAX shall not be liable for actions of third parties with regard to the bonus card and for use of the bonus card by third parties.
  21. The cinema may use the customers’ personal information obtained within the bonus programme for marketing or advertising purposes. Personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties without the customer’s consent except as otherwise required by applicable law of the Republic of Estonia.